Decluttering helps people breathe...


So i decided to dive right in on decluttering all the mess around me. I didn’t want this to be such a daunting task and overwhelm myself. I needed it to be meaningful and not just another clean up spree! Normally when people say they want to make a change they start throwing away stuff and cutting their hair off yelling “New Hair, New Me!" Thats not what I wanted! I watched a lot of videos on how to declutter your house to begin the journey to minimalism. I started with something small and decided to clean out one of the kitchen drawers. It was then I noticed that i had way TOO MUCH STUFF! There is no reason that a single man should have 15 spoons, 12 forks, 8 knives and a bunch of other kitchen crap that I had no use for! I quickly dug right in and moved onto my cake supplies. This is where what i read helped me even more! You have to identify what has value to you. For years cake has been my life and I’ve held on to pretty much all the stuff that helped create everything you see. Well I’m not making 10-15 cakes a weekend anymore so why do i need so many sets of cake pans!


Identify what has value to you.

The next phase was my closet! This is the area that I have my weakest moments. I have always had a one for clothes and shoes!!!! I clean out my closet what feels like 3-4 times a year only to junk it right back up with STUFF that i don’t necessarily need but want just to fill a void. For me i used shopping as and outlet to fill a void of missing something or someone. I’ve never seen my closet so bare as it is now!!!! But thats just what i need right now. i need bare, I need nakedness, and I need a clutter free zone! You don’t realize how much stuff you really have until you start moving, someone dies, or you have to do spring cleaning! I stood back and looked at the floor when I was done and i literally smiled. I felt relieved, I felt i had accomplished something, and even while writing this I’m still smiling! It feels good to rid yourself of TOO MUCH STUFF! So today hasn't’ been a bad day at all. I cleared out my closet riding myself of, 23 Pair of dress pants, 26 Shirts, & 9 Pair of jeans! LOL This is a wardrobe to some people and I just have it sitting collecting dust!!! I’m ending today with a pretty clean closet and even though its looking bare, It has everything i NEED!


“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don't.”