Discovering my "Why"

So 1st of all welcome to my new journey to minimalism! If you don’t know what minimalism is simply put, its a way of decluttering your life to create more harmony and balance. For months I researched this way of living because for so long i’ve just been walking through life in a complete blur trying to find a source of happiness. I’ve put emphasis on having things to satisfy my happiness and having people around me to feel whole. It wasn't until I went through a major break in my life that i understood that this was called “Codependency”.

Since moving to florida i’ve still been in this loop hole of trying to figure myself out. I began researching minimalism because the word “minimal” kept sticking out to me. In so many ways it became a spiritual search for me. If I can declutter my life maybe it will allow me to focus less on what I have and whats around me and more on WHO provided those things and be grateful for what I have.

The 1st step in the new lifestyle was discovering my “Why.” You have to have something to motivate you to keep going with any process. I compiled a list of all the reasons I wanted to do this. Heres what I came up with.

1.  Declutter my home. How often do I use this item? Do I have duplicates? Do I really need so many of the same items? Does this item spark a sense of joy? Do I want to bring this item with me into the future?

2.  Create more balance in my life. Create a safe haven of peace and simplicity within my home.

4.  Feel less antsy and overwhelmed all the time.

5.  Have a more thought out and stress free day.

6.  Create a more debt-free life and save money.

8.  Lose weight by spending less money eating out. Become more fitness focused so that I have the energy to do more of the things I want to do.

These are some of my “Whys” on whats driving me to take this journey! My next step is the declutter process!

Thanks for reading!